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In 1995, Egypt Power for trading and agencies was established. Our industrial complex in Tamouh (Giza) has a total area of 20,000m2, includes our Bus factory, Semi-trailer manufacturing facility, Automotive service center for Buses, Trucks, and Repowering, Sheet metal work factory, Paint Shop, Fiberglass Workshop, and warehouses.

With the highest level of expertise in these fields; we design, develop, manufacture, and provide complete solutions for our customers, in compliance with the highest quality standards such as ISO 9001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 and “Proudly Made in Egypt-بكل فخر صنع في مصر”.


Our mission is to actively embrace our clients’ growth, considering it integral to our own achievements. We are committed to delivering solutions that provide exceptional value for their investments. Our unwavering dedication to delivering top-notch performance is further fortified by our lifelong after-sales support, ensuring an unmatched level of service and assistance.


Becoming the ultimate name in cost-effectively tailored solutions in Egypt and Africa.

Established in 1995 in Cairo, Egypt Power Group started in the automotive sector, providing diesel engines and a variety of products. Over the years, the company expanded its customer base and product range, maintaining growth in sectors like buses, trucks, generators, and more. and many international partners

Egypt Power for Trading and Agencies

Egypt Power for Trading and Agencies is a family-owned enterprise devoted to engineering excellence across diverse sectors, including automotive, power generation, and overhaul services. Established in 1995 by Mr. Alaa Eldin Aly, the company’s journey began by partnering with MWM to supply diesel engines for truck overhauls. Over time, Egypt Power nurtured strong alliances with global industry leaders like Navistar, Doosan, Vactor, and more, broadening its scope to encompass buses, semi-trailers, and other offerings. Extending its influence to multiple African nations underscores Egypt Power’s commitment to innovation and expansion. Reinforced by ISO certifications and the “Proudly Made in Egypt” endorsement, Egypt Power for Trading and Agencies is unwaveringly committed to delivering superior products and services.

Egypt Power for International Trading (EPIT)

Egypt Power for International Trading (EPIT) operates as a free zone entity, catering to customs-exempt local businesses, along with providing export services to regional and global markets. EPIT serves as a pivotal import/export hub, positioning itself as a catalyst for prospective expansion within the regional markets. Our dedicated warehouses, situated within Ismailia city’s Free Zone, encompass a sprawling operational and storage space of 3,000m2.


Epytro is a leading generator packager, specializing in comprehensive power solutions. With a strong focus on quality and innovation, Epytro designs, assembles, and manufactures a wide range of generator sets and industrial equipment. Leveraging deep technical expertise, Epytro offers tailored products for various applications, ensuring reliable power supply in challenging conditions. Backed by a skilled team of technicians, engineers, and experts, Epytro delivers top-notch after-sales support and services. With ISO certification and a state-of-the-art facility, Epytro is dedicated to providing high-quality power solutions to industries, commercial spaces, and residential areas.

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Doosan E.P.A

In 2019, Egypt Power forged a strategic alliance with HD Infracore, culminating in the establishment of HD Infracore E.P.A. as the Regional Parts Distributor (RPD) for Egypt and East Africa.

Nasr City

Nasr City for Trading and Contracting (NCTC) stands as a premier entity in Egypt’s Water Works sector. Their scope encompasses comprehensive water and wastewater treatment plant design and construction, water desalination facilities, and the supply and installation of mechanical and electrical equipment for pumping stations. Moreover, NCTC excels in producing steel and metal structures for water-related projects and electrical switch gears. Their proficiency in water economics, combined with a proven track record of successful ventures, underscores their commitment to sustainable and dependable solutions. As exclusive agents for Aeration Industries International and Kubota, they continually integrate cutting-edge technologies for a brighter global future. For further details, explore N.C.T.C.’s website via the provided link.

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