MAXXFORCE Agent,Generating ,Generators, Gensets,Sets,Gas Gensets, Egypt power, Egypower, Engines, Pumps, Gas Generator, Diesel machinery, Welding sets, Repowering
MAXXFORCE Agent,Generating ,Generators, Gensets,Sets,Gas Gensets, Egypt power, Egypower, Engines, Pumps, Gas Generator, Diesel machinery, Welding sets, Repowering

Service & support


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We offer a full range of EGYPOWER, MAXXFORCE-MWM, RANDON and EATON spare parts, all available for sale at competitive prices.  Our warehouses have it all and contain all products parts that you need.  We never forget to give you the warranty for any part you purchase. In addition, Egypt Power has a current fill rate of 95% which allows any customer to have their parts on hand and increases the efficiency of our business.


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Our computerized parts-inventory system makes it easier to record all stocks and purchases across all warehouses. This also makes it easier for us to track all the inventory and to always get the parts mostly demanded.  We are always ready to meet your requirements for immediate purchases and delivery and our sales team will provide you with all the products and services that you need.

In addition to that, Egypt Power has five sites in Egypt (with a total area of more than 3000 m)

  • Down town warehouse
  • Service center in Giza
  • Free zone area in Ismailia
  • Nag’ hammadi outlet
  • Alexandria



We provide you with excellent after sales services to ensure your maximum satisfaction. Our well-trained and qualified team serves you and follows up with you from the moment you purchase the product till you are truly and totally satisfied with it. More importantly, they are very responsive and active to meet all your demands; this is why our customers are never worried and trust our after sales services. We have a perfect service management system to ensure that our services are meeting your demands. In fact, we are proud to say that one of the reasons of being certified with the ISO 9001 and the OHSAS 18001 is our excellent, professional and reliable after sales services. Workshops: Our fully equipped workshops in Egypt are located in Cairo and Alexandria. The main activities performed there are manufacturing, assembling, maintenance and parts repairing.



You never have to worry when dealing with us and any problem popped up in your machine. Our field team and qualified engineers are available at your need at anytime to ensure your machine downtime will be taken care of. In addition to our fully equipped mobile workshops that help in maximizing the efficiency of the service we offer. Our field service team reaches any customer in Egypt and also comes to your place for installing and fixing up any trouble. We make sure that our valued customers are fully satisfied with the service we offer to them, besides the warranty and the after sales services offered at your place too.



It is one of our most important centers that help us to improve our services to you and help our clients to attend the training programs necessary for them to better understand the internal processes of any product. Our engineers and technicians get special trainings for installation, repowering vehiclesand maintenance. In addition to trainings that also help them to improve our basic and full services. We have a special place where they learn and get all the trainings before the phase of production and MWM and RANDON play great roles in supporting us. We also have advanced and fully equipped training centers to provide all training facilities to everyone. Not only do our services stop here, but we also make sure that all trainees get the theoretical and practical trainings necessary for them.


Our highly qualified engineers provide you with all the technical advices that you need before buying any product. You can consult our staff anytime and ask about any technical questions and with their expertise they will help you take the right decisions.


Our warranty for the generators is one year or 1000 hours of operation, whichever is first against manufacturer defects after the date of installation or after date of shipment. We can also offer extended warranties up to 2 years on our products.